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Potential University Students beware!

We have received a couple of emails, just addressed as "Dear Student," purporting to be from Student Finance England and suggesting that:

"Due to incomplete student information update provided to the Student Loan Company (SLC). Most Accounts have been suspended due to inaccuracy, and we strictly advice every student to update their information" 

The email provides a link, supposedly to update login details securely, but then follows this by advising: 

"Please do not click on any link attached in emails such as http:// OR www.  as we would not ask you to do so" 

The document is very convincing, and looks just like a genuine email from SLC could do, but the grammar and format of the text suggest otherwise. The warning not to click on links seems like a bit of clever reverse psychology intended to lull the recipient into trusting the email and so to do just that! 

Scammers are well aware that at this time of year potential University students will have lots of things to think about and finance will be high on the list. So, if you do receive any emails of this type don't click on the links or be tempted by any phone numbers or email addresses contained in them unless you are 100% certain that it is genuine. 

If you receive any contact that makes you worried about the possibility that an application has gone astray look up the correct known contact details from a legitimate source and use those get in touch with the body concerned.

September 2017


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