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Limited Company

Limited companies

are a great vehicle for growing and profitable businesses.

They allow for better cashflow management and more opportunities to reduce the overall tax bill. In addition, limited companies provide business owners with the shelter of "limited liability".

Our expertise allows us to plan and evaluate the most tax-efficient solution for you - whereby you minimise your tax and maximise your tax credit position.

Whilst most small companies no longer require a formal audit they are required to prepare accounts which are in accordance with accounting standards and the Companies Act.

As members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales ("ICAEW") we are qualified to prepare your statutory accounts.

Is using a limited company still tax efficient?

Short answer is that even after the 2016/17 changes it still can be.

Don't be scared/ tempted by the generic examples that abound - let us work it out for you as it’s only really a bespoke example that counts.  Whether you are married or not, have other income or not, get child benefit or are in a personal service contract or not and many other factors can all count.

In about a third of cases we see it's not tax efficient but clients still want the protection limited liability offers.

Our bespoke personal approach will give you the right information to make your decision.

If you are trading as a limited company and feel it’s no longer the right trading vehicle then we can help you minimise the pain of disincorporation

Come and see us for a no obligation free hour and let us help you.

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